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In the multi-stage polymerisation process of polystyrol, the total amount of the monomer used is never applied, but excess styrene monomer is diluted back into the process. For correct dosage, the content / concentration of styrene must be known, i.e. it must be measured. For this purpose, conventionally used measurement technologies, such as gas chromatographs, only  provide analysed product samples at rather lengthy timely intervals and moreover have to be recalibrated quite often.

The PIOX R  Process Refractometer proves to be the ideal and better solution for this measuring task. With the inline measurement of light refraction, a measured value is now available in real-time. It can be fed into the process control system and used to automatically regulate dosage of the returned styrene. As of the embedded patented transmitted light measurement principle, PIOX R is virtually maintenance free, leading to further signifcant cost reductions.


  • Accurate measurement of the concentration of the mixture
  • Reliable, continuous process control ensuring specified product quality at all times
  • Significant cost advantage over conventional measurement technologies (e.g. gas chromatographs)
  • No periodic calibration required, no recurring maintenance
  • Self-diagnosis functions for demand based configuration of potentially needed cleaning intervalls