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Customers of a chemical site's infrastructur operator have long got used to how easy flow measurement with FLUXUS works: simply set up the clamp-on ultrasonic transducers, parameterise the measuring transmitter and begin measuring. Measuring experts of the site's process control technology, measuring and testing department have been working with FLEXIM's non-invasive measuring technology for more than 10 years. When it comes to inspecting a permanently installed flowmeter, whose test results have been called into question, or when it comes to replacing a faulty device at short notice, the portable FLUXUS F601 is used.

When customers at the chemical site inquired as to whether the flow rate of gases could be measured just as elegantly using a non-invasive method, the measurement and testing engineers turned to FLEXIM once again.
With the FLUXUS G601 CA Energy, they now have an ultrasonic system, which is literally an all-in-one solution:
The all-purpose device non-invasively measures the flow rate of liquids, of liquid-based heat or cold quantities and of gases. Clamp-on measurement of the gas flow is also unique at low pressures. For instance, it is possible to detect leakages in the compressed air network non-invasively and or measure the nitrogen quantities drawn off at individual points of consumption.


  • Accurate and reliable non-invasive flow measurement
    • to temporarily replace faulty measuring devices
    • to test permanently installed measuring equipment
    • to easily detect flow rates and energy flows in processes or plant components, which do not have any measuring equipment
  • No pipe work – normal plant operation is not disrupted
  • Effective preventative maintenance, e.g. by determining the efficiency of heat exchangers
  • Extremely wide range of applications: one single instrument for a wide variety of measuring tasks
  • Impressively reliable and easy to use in everyday operations
  • The only clamp-on ultrasonic system for non-invasive flow measurement of gases in low-pressure ranges, e.g. for final control measurements or to detect leaks in the compressed air network
  • Extremely large measuring range in both flow directions (bidirectional)