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The most efficient use of raw materials and energy is just as much a requirement of ecological conscience as economic sense, especially in the chemical industry. A good example is found within the recycling processes of sulphuric acid, where residues are incinerated and the resulting waste heat is used to provide for steam generation. 

Within this process, the thermal energy obtained from the incinerator via the cracked gases is fed into a boiler where the feeding water is then heated up to 16 bar pressurized steam. The steam can then be fed into the whole site's steam network and used to power other processes.

However, it is critical to measure the exact flows of the boiler's cooling circuit to avoid undershooting of a certain flow rate threshold, which can lead to a whole plant shutdown. Previously installed Vortex flow metes have not been able to cope with the extremely demanding environment of dynamic temperature and pressure swings up to 260°C and 40 bar and thus often failed.

FLEXIM's non-intrusive ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter FLUXUS, proved to be the superior alternative.
In conjunction with the high temperature WaveInjector transducer mounting fixture, FLUXUS measures accurately and reliably from the pipe wall outside and is thus also completely independent from internal pressurization levels. Pipe work was not necessary when retrofitting the flow measuring point and it was installed during ongoing operation.


  • Reliable and precise high temperature non-intrusive flow measurement without any pressure loss
  • No risk of leakage
  • Simple installation without any pipe work and during ongoing operation
  • No wetted components, no thermo-mechanical wear and tear
  • No extra costs incurred by high pressure levels, no approval procedure