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District Heating Networks

Precise Flow and Energy Monitoring even at large sizes

Flow monitoring of extensive district heating networks is an easy task when utilizing non-invasive FLEXIM meters. From 2 to 80 inches – FLEXIM offers suitable flow transducers for all size pipes. These transducers are installed easily from the outside of the pipe. No drilling, no cutting, and no draining of the system.

Robust Design

Whether installed in a duct, in the open field or even underground – FLEXIM meters are robust and suitable for all environments. Waterproof IP68 transducers even allow installation in flooded vaults. Even where there is no vault available a buried installation on underground piping is no problem either.

Low-Flow ability and high accuracy

The transit time measuring principle is able to detect even the lowest flow velocities down to 0.03 f/s. District Heating operators can thus detect emerging leaks early on and localize them to specific district metering zones.

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