We set standards.

As the technological leader in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement with ultrasound, FLEXIM continuously sets standards. Our clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems FLUXUS measure virtually anything that flows, liquids as well as gases.

Today, the idea of non-invasive, ultrasonic flow measurement as an exotic measuring technique is a thing of the past: Clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply attached to the outside of the pipe – without any interruption to operation or any risk of leakage. As our products meet the strictest requirements of industrial production, namely the highest level of safety for people and the environment on the one hand and the highest level of plant availability on the other, these formerly exotic devices have long since become extremely popular.

Non-invasive measuring technology with SIL certification

FLEXIM has been successfully setting the pace of this development for 25 years. With our flow meters, we have demonstrated convincingly that this non-invasive measuring technology works reliably and precisely, while at the same time continuously extending its range of applications.

We at FLEXIM, are particularly proud of our pioneering work carried out to apply clamp-on ultrasonic technology to the non-invasive flow measurement of gases. Today, FLEXIM is the only supplier of clamp-on ultrasonic systems for non-invasive flow measurement of liquids and gases with SIL certification worldwide.

Innovative process analytics

For many years, FLEXIM has stood for more than just flow measurement. Clamp-on ultrasonic technology is also suitable for the purposes of process analytics, such as for non-invasive concentration measurement. And with the PIOX R process refractometer, FLEXIM has developed a unique optical instrument that has proven itself worldwide in industrial applications.

Like FLUXUS and PIOX, FLEXIM itself also has a strong global presence with 19 subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia as well as a comprehensive network of sales partners. The company headquarters in Berlin, a highly modern production and development facility, is managed in accordance with Flexim’s sustainable energy philosophy.