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Compressed Air Flow Meter

Non-invasive compressed air flow measurement - with the FLUXUS G704 CA

Compressed air is a very expensive form of energy. This is due to its efficiency: for every joule of mechanical work which is done with a pneumatic tool, approximately twenty times the amount of electrical energy must be spent. However, despite this poor yield, compressed air is practically indispensable in many industries because of its production-related advantages. This makes it all the more important to use the valuable medium as efficiently as possible.

Measurement creates Transparency

If you want to avoid waste it's necessary to measure. Through the precise detection of the current volume flow, components of a system can be dimensioned in a particularly cost-effective manner through the fast and unmistaken identification of possible overloads (such as when air velocities are too high) or malfunctions in the network. The exact assignment of consumption proportions to individual production stages also offers possibilities for fact-based, economic decisions. Moreover, the volume-flow measurement indicates the amount of compressed air lost as a result of leaks – an important economic factor, as every third compressor is operated only to compensate for air losses.
But how do you best measure compressed air flows? Non-invasively, of course!

The  FLUXUS G704 CA compressed air flow meter is thus the ideal solution. FLEXIM’s non-invasive clamp-on ultrasonic technology is unique in that it can be applied to measure compressed air flow rates even at very low pressures (down to 3bar on steel lines and atmospheric pressure on plastic lines). Also even the lowest flow rates are accurately captures revealing the slightest flow rates from the smallest leaks where there should be none.

For this reason, the FLUXUS G704 CA is particularly suitable for non-invasively measuring quantities drawn off at individual points in the compressed air grid as well as detecting leaks within it. Due to being non-invasive by principle, the FLUXUS G704 CA can never be a potential source of leaks by itself.

Compressed Air Flow Meter - FLUXUS G704 CA