FLEXIM - FLUXUS F706 - 4-Beams for Precision, Reliability and Repeatability - 4-Beams for Precision, Reliability and Repeatability

4-Beams for Precision, Reliability and Repeatability

The FLUXUS F706 combines highest precision with the advantages of non-invasive ultrasonic liquid flow measurement.

With its 4 beams, in reflect mode providing 8 paths through the gaseous medium, the meter averages the result of up to 4 planes. This arrangement averages out cross-flow profile disturbances and achieves the optimum non-invasive compensation. On longer straight runs, the 4-Beam flow meter achieves outstanding accuracy performance due to the individually averaged path effects and can thus be used for redundancy measurements of custody transfer meters or leak detection.

Temperature compensated transducers, unique digital signal processing with superior noise suppression combined with a highly rugged design care for an unrivalled degree of reliabilialy, durability and accuracy - ensuring perfect operation of the system under the harshest field conditions and makes it even suitable for installations buried in the ground (IP68 / NEMA 6P rated).

Custody Transfer Accuracy

The F706 is capable of accuracy in the Custody Transfer class. By measurement principle, non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters will contain some uncertainty due to uncertainties in the pipe wall thickness and pipe geometry. These can be minimized with careful installation, precise pipe wall measurements and especially based on the effects of the multiple 4-channel measurement of the F706. While an installed “out of box” custody transfer accuracy is not possible, in many pipeline services like check-metering, leak detection and others, it is possible to calibrate the F706 meter in-situ to achieve Custody class accuracy (proven by industry independent Calibration Facilities - test reports are available upon request).


FLUXUS F706 - Precision Ultrasonic Flow Meter