FLEXIM - FLUXUS F501 - The Water Flow Meter - The Ideal Solution for the Water Industry

The Ideal Solution for the Water Industry

Designed for the needs of the Water Utilities sector

The FLUXUS F501 is FLEXIM's solution for many flow metering applications found in the potable water supply and distribution sector and adjacent industries.

The FLUXUS F501 offers a precise bi-directional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio - not only at high, but especially at low flow velocities. Due to its matched and paired transducers, it also guarantees a superior zero stability.

Whereas the standard FLUXUS F501 comes with water-tight IP67 transducers, the product variant FLUXUS F501IP is equipped with a set of IP68 transducers.
The F501IP is thus the ideal solution for subsurface installations. With the transducers residing inside the stainless steel VARIOFIX C fixture,  the measurement system is optimally protected  and a long lifetime ensured.

As of its high repeatability, the FLUXUS F501 also offers the possibility for leak detection. Especially at night, when temperatures are more even and only low flow velocities are common in drinking water lines, leakages can clearly be identified and such reading transferred to a process control system.

The ideal retrofit solution for water pipes

As a non-invasive clamp on flow meter, the FLUXUS F501 is the ideal solution for retrofitting in existing networks. As there is no need for interruption of supply lines and costly shaft constructions, it is thus also the much more cost effective solution in comparison to conventional metering technologies such as magnetive inductive meters.
Due to the non-invasive technology, no cutting or welding work is needed to mount the transducers on the pipe. During installation, the flow meter's user interface is automatically adapted to the connected transducers and no zeroing is necessary. Water is already pre-selected as medium and it's physical properties are stored in the flowmeter's memory.

In most cases only the pipe's outer diameter and wall thickness as well as the water temperature has to be entered in order to start the measurement. The commissioning work is thus reduced to a minimum. On request, the instrument can even be pre-configured at the factory.

The Ideal Solution for the Water and Wastewater Industry - FLUXUS F501