Non-invasive Heat and Cold Metering with FLUXUS Thermal Energy

FLEXIM’s non-invasive permanent or portable Thermal Energy meters allow for an easy determination of the thermal energy flows within a building.

In times of rising energy prices and environmental regulations, optimization of thermal energy flows is the most crucial issue. From heat delivery between central heating plants to real estate end users or heat transfer flows in industrial processes: controlling and balancing the flow of energy is of utmost importance for cost conscious users.

With temperature measurements at the inlet and at the outlet of a system as well as accurate flow measurement at the outlet, the FLUXUS Thermal Energy meter calculates the thermal energy flows from outside the pipe wall, being virtually maintenance free.

The values can easily be transmitted to a PC for display and analysis. The data obtained can be used for energy flow balancing or it can be transmitted to a process control system.

Non-invasive Heat and Cold Metering with FLUXUS Thermal Energy
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FLUXUS F502 Thermal EnergyMesure non-intrusive des quantités de chaleur
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FLUXUS F721 Thermal EnergyMesure des quantités de chaleur dans l’industrie
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FLUXUS F601 EnergyMesure d'énergie thermique portable
For Compressed Air and Thermal Energy metering - FLUXUS G601 CA Energy
FLUXUS G601 CA EnergyIdéal pour de l'Air Comprimé et les mesures Energétiques
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FLUXUS G608 CA EnergyFLUXUS G608 CA ENERGY - Zones ATEX, air comprimé et mesure d'énergies thermiques