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Improve the energy efficiency of your building with FLUXUS

There are many reasons to invest in energy optimization efforts, such as to decrease overall energy consumption, improving HVAC performance, decreasing operational costs, improving building quality and certification rating and, of course, moving towards a more ecological way of thinking. The measures for achieving a higher energy efficiency are numerous. An important one is without a doubt the control of the heating and cooling flows within the building. FLEXIM’s energy flow meters offer an accuracy of 1% or better on the flow rate. This superior precision can be reached by specially matched and paired ultrasonic transducers and temperature probes. Moreover, since FLEXIM incorporates temperature compensation, inaccuracies or drift through deviations of the ambient temperature do not exist. With its powerful correction algorithms, FLEXIM’s flow meters can also be placed at non ideal pipe conditions. Valves, vents, pipe bends or even EMC issues through pump drive converters, as encountered with other flow meter types, are not an issue for FLEXIM.

Tertiaire Improve the energy efficiency of your building with FLUXUS


FLUXUS Energie

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