Compressed Air Flow Measurement for Consumption Analysis Concentration (°Brix) Measurement of Sugar and Sugar Substitutes Continuous Concentration Measurement of Pectin Flow and Thermal Energy Measurements in the Beverage IndustryMesures du flux et de l'énergie thermique dans le processus de brassage de la bièreNon-invasive determination of the cooling capacity at an ammonia gas stream

Industrie agro-alimentaire

Highly hygienic by principle

When measuring flow rates and concentrations of liquids in the food & beverages industries, highly hygienic as well as CIP and SIP capable solutions are mandatory. Being non-invasive, the FLUXUS ultrasonic flow meters and PIOX ultrasonic concentration meters are hygienic by principle. FLEIXM's range of metering solutions capture even the lowest flow rates, help to evaluate the thermal energy usage of the involved processes and accurately measure the concentration levels of sugar or worth as well as many other solutions.

Industrie agro-alimentaire Highly hygienic by principle