Mesure de débit sur ​​les lignes souterraines d'eau potableUnderground Pipeline Monitoring and Leak DetectionMonitoring flow in Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP)Precise monitoring of district metered areas (DMAs)


The flow of water brings revenue

Sustainability and responsibility are two ways that remind us that every drop of water pumped out of the ground, or collected in a reservoir comes at a price, and brings potential for revenue. Accurate and reliable flow measurement is a mandatory for ensuring sustainability in our drinking water systems and leaving no drop behind.

FLUXUS is ideally suited for such measurement tasks - being non-invasive, supply interruptions belong to the past and moreover, due to its exceptional low flow metering capabilities it is also the ideal leak detection system.

Réseau The flow of water brings revenue


Mesure de débit non-intrusive d’eau et des eaux usées

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FLUXUS WD Series - The solution for water suppliers

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FLUXUS WD – Significant cost and time saving with buried transducer installations

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FLUXUS WD / FLUXUS WS – Surveillance du débit dans des conduites en béton sous pression (PCCP)

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FLUXUS WD - Precise monitoring of district metered areas (DMAs)

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FLUXUS F401 - Le débitmètre portable dédié au domaine de l‘eau

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