Update 17: A New Perspective

FLEXIMNEWS · FLEXIMNEWS · FLEXIMNEWS · FLEXIMNEWS FLEXIMNEWS · FLEXIMNEWS · FLEXIMNEWS · FLEXIMNEWS Update 01 Page 02 / 03 – Success Story FLEXIM selected for world class project Hudson yards Page 04 – FLEXIM People Who is Who FLEXIM The Legacy Continues – By Frank DeMayo Poster Sound velocity and densitiy of liquids and gases We will have the best sales organization in the industry. We will identify what new products we need and clearly communi- cate this back to our technical leadership in Berlin. We will maintain and improve our growth rate by focusing on converting con- ventional flow meter technologies to Ultra- sonic technology. This has always been our strategy and will continue to be our strategy as we expand our product offering across all Ultrasonic technologies. Our mission is to bring FLEXIM AMERICAS from great to greater by developing and uti- lizing all the strengths of our people. We have a clear vision to launch our next phase of growth and I am excited to take this jour- ney with our tal- ented and dedicated team. FLEXIM AMERICAS A New Perspective Our History: FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation (FAC) has celebrated tremendous success since commencing in 2007. Much of that success is credited to the origi- nal founders of FAC; John O’Brien, Izzy Rivera, and Peter Chirivas. The collabo- ration of these pioneers and rest of the FLEXIM global team cultivated impres- sive, consistent growth for 10 years. Rough times hit the FAC team in 2016 with the passing of their leader, John O’Brien. John O’Brien was a man with strong work ethic, integrity and a true passion for this business. Not having his leadership was difficult for everyone. The entire FAC team stepped in to fill the void and do what was needed. FLEXIM began a thorough recruiting pro- cess in November 2016. During this time, inquiries I made through contacts in the industry yielded only positive comments about FLEXIM. In fact, the feedback was the most positive I have ever received. Custom- ers gave even more glowing feedback. Today I was honored to begin working with FLEXIM in March 2017. After a short time, I realized that being a part of the FLEXIM team is so much more than a job; rather, it is being part of a family where everyone cares about each other and takes pride in what they do. Of course, we have the best ultrasonic technology in the world, but I be- lieve that the true heartbeat of the company is the people in the organization. For this I am very grateful. After speaking with every member of the FLEXIM AMERICAS team and learning more about the company, I have come to some re- alizations about our culture, our people and our performance. We have a strong, loyal and committed organization which speaks volumes about the high-quality people who want to work at FLEXIM and with FLEXIM. FLEXIM has the #1 Ultrasonic Clamp On technology in the world and this has al- lowed us to expand at a consistent double- digit growth rate per year. This excellent sales performance has been supported and enabled by our superior delivery and qual- ity performance from our operational team. Our superb sales execution in the field from our regional sales management team part- nered with our strong rep network has been second to none. Our strong market strate- gies have allowed us to develop a diverse customer base, and as a result, we are not tied to one market or industry. Our forward- looking culture and technical vision has allowed improvements in our business pro- cesses and our products. Our future mar- ket opportunity is at least $250M in North America, based on conversion of the avail- able In Line market to Ultrasonic Clamp On. This potential is unprecedented, and what FLEXIM has accomplished so far is only the beginning. The Future To allow FLEXIM Americas to take advan- tage of this opportunity, we will analyze our market coverage and fill any gaps. We will also optimize our sales channels and deter- mine the best strategy for each of our target industries. We will expand our sales foot- print by adding new regions which will al- low more concentration on high opportunity markets. Finally, in addition to developing and enhancing our field sales team, we will focus on increasing our project business with EPCs and key corporate accounts. FLEXIM’s International Sales Team toasts to the bright future ahead. John Meerdo, General Manager of FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation