The principle of FLEXIM's ultrasonic flow measurement of liquids and gases relies on the propagation of ultrasonic wave signals into the medium.

In addition to high accuracy, reliability and operational safety, there are further criteria regarding the design and selection of the appropriate ultrasonic transducer technology. 

FLEXIM offers two different transducer technologies ensuring the most precise measurement results for an particular application.

FLEXIM's shear wave transducers are gnerally used for the flow measurement of liquids whilethe Lamb Wave transducersfor the flow measurement of gases.

FLEXIM's shear wave transducers are suitable for all common pipe materials such from steel to even roughly manufactured fiberglas or concrete and are thus universally applicable. In the case of shear wave transducers, a focused ultrasonic signal is emitted into the pipe. Due to its innovative design, one transducer pair can cover  a very wide application range.

The Lamb wave transducers exploit a propagation modediscovered by the British physicist Horace Lamb-- they emit a broad signal front into the flowing media. This is especially helpful when measuring low pressure gases, where the efficiency of transmission of the ultrasonic signal is not optimal.

All of FLEXIM's transmitters are compatible with both transducers technologies making it simple to adapt the measurement system to any individual application.

”Fit for the Purpose” construction

Their robust construction and rugged integrated armored stainless steel cables guarantee reliable measurement results over long periods of extensive use. The standard transducers are rated toIP65 degree of protection. For subsurface or flooded applications, FLEXIM has developed transducers with IP68 degree of protection. In addition, all transducers and transmitters are available in various hazardous area certified variants such as ATEX, IECEx Zone 1 and 2 as well as FM Class I, Div. 1 / 2 and others.

All FLEXIM transducers are initially matched and then calibrated as a pair. The calibration data, including the transducer identification and other parameters, is stored in a transducer-resident non-volatile memory (EPROM). The data is transferred to the transmitter automatically upon connection. This way configuration errors are eliminated and there is never a need for a zero adjustment.

FLEXIM's transducers also feature an integrated temperature probe, which ensures the proper compensation of temperature changes encountered in the environment. This compensation, in accordance with ANSI/ASME MFC-5.1-2011 regulations, is another factor contributing to the exceptional precision and stability of our flow meters.

Proprietary knowledge

With their sophisticated hardware design and powerful digital signal processing, FLUXUS transmitters surpass any other non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter in terms of accuracy, reliability and versatility.

Highly sophisticated signal filters, fast processing capacities and superior measurement algorithms make the FLUXUS gas and liquid flow meters the state-of-the-art measuring solution even for the most challenging applications.

FLUXUS adapts itself automatically to the respective measurement conditions and compensates for disturbances such as beam dispersal and structure-borne noise, allowing for even more precise and reliable measurements. Extremely fast measurement cycles (every 10ms) allow precise real time monitoring of highly dynamic processes.

All of this makes the FLUXUS flow meter unsurpassed in performance and one of the most capable ultrasonic flow meters available on the market today.

FLEXIM's non-intrusive ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters not only set standards in terms of reliability and user-friendliness but especially in terms of accuracy.