25 years of FLEXIM

25 years of FLEXIM mean 25 years of steady growth.

When it all began in 1990, there were four of us in a ground floor flat at the back of a typical old building in Berlin.

Today, 2015, a quarter of a century later, we have almost 400 colleagues worldwide. Our new, state-of-the-art company headquarters are currently under way in Berlin.

25 years of FLEXIM means 25 years of global approach.

In 1991, we sold our first clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter. It went to a development aid project in Nepal - the roof of the world.

Our FLUXUS flowmeters are still used in development aid projects today. As the FLUXUS flowmeters measure practically everything that flows, they have long since also made their way to the industrial centres and metropolitan areas of the world. FLUXUS is just as reliable at measuring on the smallest pipelines, such as in the paint finishing systems of the automotive industry, as on the huge pipes of hydropower plants. Building engineers from elite universities on the east coast of the US rely on FLUXUS for optimising energy efficiency in their heating and air conditioning systems just like their colleagues in Manhattan’s skyscrapers where energy flows are also measured non-invasively with FLUXUS.

25 years of hard work, full of hardships, full of zeal, but also full of joy.

Our milestones

1990 Foundation of FLEXIM by four graduates of Berlin’s Humboldt University and the University Rostock. Development of a portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter.
1992 Introduction of the portable FLUXUS ADM 6402
1995 Introduction of the permanent ultrasonic flow meter FLUXUS ADM 7805
1999 Introduction of the portable ultrasonic flow meter FLUXUS ADM 6725 – equipped with digital signal processing and algorithms for acoustic noise elimination
2000 First certification of the compancy acc. to DIN ISO 9001
2002 Opening of the first subsidiary abroad, FLEXIM Benelux, based in the Netherlands
2004 Introduction of the WaveInjector – our patented transducer mounting allowing for non-invasive flow measurement at extreme temperatures from -190 °C up to +650 °C. FLEXIM broadens its product portfolio by presenting the process refractometer PIOX R. Establishment of FLEXIM Austria.
2005 Introduction of the FLUXUS ADM 8027, the first certified ultrasonic flow meter to be used in potentially exlosible atmospheres (ATEX Zone 1). Foundation of FLEXIM AMERICAS.
2006 By developing an appropriate transducer technology – Lamb wave transducers – FLEXIM opens the way to reliable and accurate non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement of gases.
2007 Establishment of FLEXIM Asia with offices in Singapore and Shanghai
2008 Introduction of the portable flow meters for gases and liquids, FLUXUS F601 and G601
2011 Introduction of the worldwide unique certified portable flow meters to be used in potentially explosible atmospheres (ATEX, IECEx Zone 2 und FM Class I, Div. 2), the FLUXUS F608 and G608
2012 Establishment of FLEXIM Instruments UK, bases in the Manchester area
2014 FLEXIM lays the corner stone for a new company building at its headquarters in Berlin.
Opening of the first sales office in South America, FLEXIM S.A. in Chile.
2015 With almost 400 colleagues worldwide, FLEXIM celebrates its 25th birthday.
Introduction of the dual channel flow meters FLUXUS F809 and G 809 for operation in potentially explosible atmospheres (certified acc. to ATEX, IECEx Zone 1 and FM Class I, Div. 1 / 2). FLEXIM continues its corporate growth and opens own subsidiaries in the Middle East (Dubai) as well as in Australia (Perth). Introduction of the FLUXUS F/G721. The permanent clamp-on ultrasonic system for non-invasive flow measurement of liquids or gases opens up new horizons of applications.

FLEXIM is continuously setting standards.

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