Colorful Wagon









This year FLEXIM Germany felt it was important to make a sizeable donation to the local Children’s organization, Check-In. From its inception, Check-In has evolved to become an indispensable part of everyday life for several generations of children in need of refuge.

The children experience a safe place where they feel welcome and wanted, regardless of gender, ethnic or social background or religious beliefs. They are protected from assaults and experiences of violence that no child should be faced with, and they learn to set their own boundaries and tolerate those of others around them. 

Helping to inspire confidence

Each child is encouraged to pursue and grow his or her own strengths and talents, through sport, cooking and playing together, as well as taking part in celebrations, excursions and various creative activities that allow the children to get to know themselves better as well as others.

A highlight of Check-In’s facility is the circus wagon. With its handicraft and chill-out corner, it’s the perfect place for the children to give free rein to their creativity or to simply retreat for a while if they feel the need. There are also plenty of games and space to play and dress up. Unfortunately, the inside of the van is in desperate need of renovation to make it a much nicer place for the kids to hang out. FLEXIM’s donation will help to make this transformation happen.

A place to feel good again.

Next year’s ‘wagon project’ will fully involve the children for whom it’s such an important resource, allowing them to choose exactly how the wagon should look inside, and what colors, furniture and accessories they would love to have.

We’re also pleased that we’ll be able to help replace the old and tired swing set in Check-In’s outdoor area.

"Can you please push me?" Is one of the phrases staff hear the most! So thanks to donations like those from FLEXIM, the children will soon be floating back and forth on their beloved swing once more, or just sitting and chatting about what’s going on in their lives. Because as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.