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Water Network Monitoring and Leak Detection

Flow Monitoring to Detect Leaks

Clamp-on ultrasound flow meters from FLEXIM are used in drinking water networks to enable the calculation of water balances and to detect leaks. Thereby the standard approach is to create zones (also called District Metered Areas – DMAs) and monitor all flows entering and exiting the zone. With additional knowledge of consumption behavior (from households or industries) in the zone the water supplier can identify areas with high or rising leakage rates.

Temperature monitoring to ensure good water quality

Bacterial growth increases in drinking water networks with increasing temperatures. Especially in parts of the network where flow velocities are low, leading to longer residence times, higher water temperatures represent a hygienic risk. The technology leader FLEXIM is the first to offer a precise non-invasive temperature measurement based on ultrasound technology. Now water suppliers can monitor volume flow, velocity, and temperature with one non-invasive device.

Main benefits of FLEXIM clamp-on ultrasound flow and temperature meters:

  • Excellent turndown ratio, repeatability, and low flow capability
  • Measures water temperature changes of ±0.2 Kelvin
  • Minimal installation costs (no cutting, welding, or pipe flushing)
  • No supply interruption during installation
  • Pipe integrity is not affected (no risk of new leaks)
  • No maintenance (due to permanent coupling pads)
  • Zero pressure drop
  • No measurement drift (due to temperature compensating transducers)
  • High tolerance against solid and gaseous content
  • Very robust design of transducers and mounting
  • IP68 transducers suitable for buried installations with cable lengths of up to 300 m
  • Delivered with calibration certificates traceable to national standards

FLEXIM meters are used globally by major water suppliers for water network monitoring and leak detection. Please contact us for references and more information.

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