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Given the aging water supply infrastructure, water loss caused by leakages in the pipeline network is becoming more and more significant. Active monitoring of leaks is a question of safety and efficiency of the supply network. Initiatives to upgrade existing networks have often failed up until now due to the huge costs involved in installing conventional wetted flowmeters.

FLEXIM’s non-invasive ultrasonic FLUXUS flowmeter provides a superior solution.

There is no need to interrupt operation to install the measuring system – the transducers are simply attached to the outside of the pipe wall. Secure and stable operation directly in the ground is possible without any problems thanks to the permanent connection to the pipe and the special protection provided by the stainless steel VARIOFIX C mounting device as well as the IP68 degree of protection of the transducers.

Detecting substantial pipe breaks and the smallest leaks

In order to be able to identify real water losses promptly, the inflows of a supply system must be monitored constantly.

Pipe ruptures, which require rapid isolation of the particular pipe section, can easily be identified by abnormal changes in flow behavior using appropriate measurement techniques. By using pairs of transducers that are perfectly matched as well as unique measurement algorithms for signal evaluation, the FLUXUS ultrasonic flowmeter also detects the smallest volume flow rates with high precision. With a system of several flow measurement points, leaks, which are primarily not a safety concern but may affect the efficiency of the drinking water network significantly, can be pinpointed and the communal network can be run safely.

In particular during the night when consumption is low, the smallest flow rates are detected reliably by FLUXUS and allow for an analysis of possible leaks.