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The smaller a district metered area (DMA) is, the more precisely it can be monitored and the more significant the evaluation of measurements such as minimum night flow becomes, which is a key figure for non-revenue water analysis. Instead of installing more valves to physically create new, smaller DMAs, many utilities choose to monitor both the inflow and outflow of districts, thereby creating virtual DMAs.

The FLUXUS WD non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal instrument for costefficiently creating virtual DMAs, as it is installed without the need for supply interruption or pipe work. When using conventional magnetic or mechanical flow meters the costs of pipe cutting, excavation and road works are usually higher than the instrument costs. This is not the case with the FLUXUS WD ultrasonic flow meter, which can be installed in a shorter time and with less hassle and expense, than with any other flow monitoring technology.

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Further, FLUXUS WD is also capable of capturing even the smalles flow rates during night time, with situations where the minimum flow drops below 0.1 m/s and in some cases even reverses. The minimum measurable flow rate of many common technologies is about 0.3 m/s, which often makes them unsuitable for minimum night flow monitoring. For the FLUXUS WD such low flows are no problem, as it measures flow velocities down to 0.01 m/s. Together with its excellent repeatability, bidirectional flow measurement capability and very large turndown this makes the FLUXUS WD perfectly suited for the precise monitoring of DMAs and for non-revenue water analysis.


  • Ideal for monitoring (virtual) DMAs
  • Ideal for minimum night flow monitoring (down to 0.01 m/s)
  • Bidirectional measurements with excellent accuracy and repeatability
  • No zero calibration needed and no zero drift
  • Fast and very cost-efficient installation procedure