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The German state stipulate that permanently installed flow measuring points in wastewater treatment plants undergo mandatory regular inspections.
All sewage treatment plants measure the flow rate at the outlet lines at the very least. Usually by employing magnetive inductive meters.

Since wastewater fees are paid on the basis of discharged quantities, the accuracy of this revenue measurement is significant in economic terms. Many treatment plants also have flow measurement equipment at the inlet lines. The measured values recorded here are used for (automated) process control.

Measuring experts, which test the permanently installed flow meters with portable measuring equipement, value highly accurate and reliable measurement data.

The ideal instrument for this task is the portable FLUXUS ultrasonic flow meter. The compact and sturdy flowmeter has proven itself in daily practice. Even dual channel measurements, which can be used to compensate flow profile distortions effectively, can be set up and ready to use within less than 5 minutes. Recorded values can later be transferred to a PC, where they are easily evaluated and compared with those of the permanently installed flowmeter.


  • Accurate, reliable non-invasive flow measurement -Two measuring channels ensure high accuracy, even under difficult conditions (disturbed flow profile)
  • No pipe work – no disruption to normal plant operation
  • Temporary measuring point does not have any influence on flow conditions in the pipe and therefore does not affect the measuring equipment that is to be tested
  • Simple, user-friendly parameterisation of the measuring transmitter
  • Exceptional flexibility: one single pair of transducers sufficiently covers the usual nominal size range in wastewater management
  • Paired, calibrated transducers are automatically detected when the measuring transmitter is connected. Calibration data is stored in the transducers
  • High accuracy which is traceable to national standards (PTB)
  • Extremely large measuring range in both flow directions (bi-directional) – even low flow rates with low flow velocities are detected accurately and reliably
  • Powerful measuring transmitter ensures reliable measurement even when solids content is increased
  • Automatic switchover to HybridTrek mode if solids content is very high