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Microprocessors are usually produced in a large semiconductor factories. To apply the micro-electronic circuits to the ultrapure silicon-crystal wafers, the wafers are successively treated with various fluids – ultrapure water, various acids and special chemicals. These liquids are stored in tanks, which are connected to the various production departments by means of pipes.

In many cases, the consumption is until now calculated purely based on the fill levels of the storage tanks. To optimise the process control and use of resources, direct consumption measurement is becoming more and more crucial. However, it is important that there is absolutely no risk of the fluids becoming contaminated – in particular by metal ions.

FLEXIM's non-invasive, metal-free ultrasonic flow measurement system is the optimal solution for this measurement task:
The metal-free ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the pipes, therefore do not get into contact with the media flowing through the pipes or tubings and thus completely avoid the risk of potential contamination. They are thus also the ideal measuring system for use in clean room environments. In combination with a special mounting fixture, the measuring system can also be used accurately and precisely on flexible tubings - even at very low flow rates down to several liters per hour.


  • No risk of contaminating the high-purity fluids, thanks to the non-invasive, metal-free clamp-on flow measurement
  • No pipework required to install the measuring systems - also suitable for flexible tubings
  • Non-invasive clean room measurement is insensitive to chemically aggressive acids or solid particles
  • Process optimisation thanks to exact balancing of consumption values
  • Highly accurate and reliable - also at very low flow rates