Non-Invasive Flow Measurement of Steam

Our ultrasonic flow meters for saturated steam and superheated steam

In many industries, steam is a valuable medium for transporting thermal energy. Measuring steam quantaties in each steam line if often complex and costly to record. But now you can with our flow meters for steam lines, whether for billing purposes, process monitoring, or control.

With our FLUXUS ST-LT ultrasonic flow meters, you can determine the flow, volume flow and mass flow rate of your steam reliably and non-invasive.

Conventional steam meters, such as differential pressure meters, orifice plates and vortex flow meters are built-in instruments, that are directly exposed to the challenging steam process conditions.

FLUXUS flow meters are mounted on the outside of the pipe. They are neither exposed to the process conditions nor do they interfere with the process. Reductions of the pipe cross section and associated pressure losses are avoided. The steam flow meters of the FLUXUS ST-LT series do not have any moving parts and are therefore maintenance free. The installation is uncomplicated and without process interruptions.

Our flow meters G722 ST-LT and G601/G608 ST are suitable for measuring volume and mass flow of steam at temperatures up to 180°C.

With our flow meter G722 ST-HT you can measure your saturated steam and superheated steam even up to temperatures of 400°C!

Non-Invasive Flow Measurement of Steam
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