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Assure yourself of the advantages and superior performance of our non-invasive metering technology with a non-committal demonstration at your site. There are no prerequisites and the demonstration with one of our portable solutions will only take a few minutes of your time.

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FLEXIM - FLUXUS F601 - Industrial Portable Flowmeter - The Portable Flowmeter for any medium

The Portable Flowmeter for any medium

Unmatched in Performance -The portable liquids Flowmeter for any purpose

The FLUXUS F601 is the portable clamp-on flow meter of choice for servicing and maintenance activities, the control and auditing of measurement points not covered by permanent meters, or even the temporary replacement of permanently installed flow meters.

The FLUXUS F601 is measurement ready in less than 5 minutes, including the measurement of the pipe wall thickness, the connection of the transducers to the transmitter, the parameterization of the flow meter and finally the mounting of the transducers.

Though featuring an ergonomic design, which offers simple handling and maximum ease of use, the F601 was designed to easily withstand rough industrial environments. Besides its sturdy housing, the F601 portable flow meter features stable and precise push-pull transducer connectors with the cables themselves being steel armored to prevent breaking or rupturing during daily work. 

With its Li-Ion battery, the F601 allows for up to 14 hours of autonomous measurement. Matched and paired transducers as well as sophisticated algorithms care for the correction of pipe wall echoes and a wrong transducer positioning, thus ensuring reliable and highly accurate measurements - even during the most demanding application conditions. Due to the new HybridTrek mode, the portable flow meter can also reliably and accurately measure the liquid flow under conditions with a high content of solid particles or gaseous loads.

The FLUXUS F601 portable clamp-on flow meter is also available in an "Energy" and "Multifunctional" version , allowing the measurement of  thermal energy / BTU flows and making the flow meter the ideal companion for the analysis or auditing of heating and chiller plants. The collected data can be used to perform a complete energy balance or to assist during process monitoring and optimization.

The Portable Multi-Functional Flowmeter - FLUXUS F601


  • Ergonomic, lightweight design and simple handling - reliable results in less than 5 minutes
  • Rugged for its usage in industrial environments even at difficult measurement points - with two flow channels as standard
  • Fast measurement: No zero point calibration necessary thanks to Plug & Play transducer recognition (EPROM)
  • Maximum flexibility for a broad application range with only two pairs of transducers
  • Bi-directional measurement for nearly all pipe materials and nearly all liquid media - huge internal database
  • Ideal solution also for thermal energy / BTU metering
  • Accurate and reliable measurement even under flow conditions with high contents of solids / gas bubbles due to the new HybridTrek mode
  • High degree of flexibility, e.g. for energy metering, data logging, various In-/Outputs, recording of ext. pressure data 


Technical Facts

Flow channels
Operating temperature of the transmitter
-10°C ... 60°C
Degree of protection
Electronic unit
NEMA 4X / IP65 acc. to EN60529
Transport case
NEMA 6 / IP67 acc. to EN60529
Li-Ion, 7.2 V / 4.5 Ah, > 14 hours operating time
Inputs and outputs
Standard Version
Outputs: 2 x current, 2 x binary
Energy Version
Inputs: 2 x Pt 100 / Pt1000
Outputs: 2 x current, 2 x binary
Double Energy Version
Inputs: 4 x Pt 100 / Pt1000
Outputs: 2 x current, 2 x binary
Multifunctional Version
Inputs: 2 x Pt 100 / Pt1000, 2 x current
Outputs: 4 x current, 2 x binary
Media temperature
-40°C ... 200°C (-190°C ... +600°C with High Temperature WaveInjector mounting fixture)
Pipe diameter range
6 mm ... 6500 mm
Flow velocity range
0,01 ... 25 m/s
Measurement accuracy
±1.6 % of reading ±0.01 m/s
Measurement accuracy
(extended calibration)
±1.2 % of reading ±0.01 m/s
Measurement accuracy
(field calibrated)
±0.5 % of reading ±0.01 m/s

360° view


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Technical Specification

FLUXUS F/G601 and F/G608 - Portable, quick and reliable


FLUXUS Energy - Manage energy effectively using non-invasive measuring technology

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