FLEXIM - FLUXUS F706 - Precision Check & Leak Flow Meter - 4-Beams for Precision, Reliability and Repeatability


Easy installation without process outages

When creating a new flow measurement point, a significant part of the costs are incurred by the installation work (line shut-down, pipe cutting, pipe flushing, etc.). These costs are significantly reduced using the F706 clamp-on technology that requires zero impact on pipe integrity while commissioning.

  • Highly Economical: No heavy equipment necessary for installation, thus being the ideal solution for remote locations, or poorly accessible areas.
  • 100% plant availability: The non-invasive measurement technology does not require any process shut-downs - neither for installation nor for any potential maintenance efforts
  • Extremely low maintenance – virtually zero maintenance due to use of solid couplant pads instead of high maintenance gels
  • Safety: The F706 clamp-on meter does not add any leakage risk. It also does not require any flanges or gaskest

Laboratory Accuracy under Field Conditions

High accuracy and proven laboratory performance under reference conditions is one task. Accuracy under field conditions is quite another thing:
  • FLEXIM‘s transducers automatically compensate for ambient temperature changes – according to ANSI/ASME MFC-5.1-2011. This ensures no false measurement readings during temperature swings (day / night)
  • FLEXIM‘s transducers are carefully paired according to their individual properties. This process lays the foundation for superior accuracies over a wide temperature and application range. It also ensures a negligible zero offset and facilitates the measurement of very low flow rates. There is no need for zeroing, or programmed “automatic zero” workarounds.
  • FLEXIM‘s transducers are all individually factory calibrated, with storage of the calibration data on a “Sensprom”chip. The calibrated transmitter automatically reads the individual calibration data, avoiding potential errors and making transducer exchanges easy.
For FLEXIM, accuracy is a topic we take seriously. FLEXIM‘s specified installed-accuracy claims can seem conservative but we firmly believe that clients expect us to over-perform rather than disappoint. Ask us, if you want to learn more about the total measurement uncertainty for your specific application.