FLEXIM - FLUXUS Cryo - LNG Meter - Non-invasive flow measurement of LNG and cryogenic fluids


Retrofit Applications:

  • No pipework necessary
  • No lifting gear required – independent of pipe size
  • FLUXUS Cryo can be mounted at limited space conditions, e.g. at FLNG loading arms
  • Installation is done within a few hours when the pipe is not cooled down
  • The measuring system is fully integrated into the insulation

New Plants:

  • Highly cost-effective - only standard piping needs to be planned – FLUXUS Cryo fits
  • Late design changes aren‘t a problem! One equipment type fits many pipe sizes
  • No pressure-loss and thus no energy loss
  • No chance to cause flashing
  • Significantly reduced CAPEX, especially for large diameters
  • Global installation and support by FLEXIM