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Measuring accurately and in real-time is the key to successful process control in the food and beverage industry. The PIOX R Brix sensor provides continuous in-line monitoring of liquid food and beverage concentration. The patented transmitted light refractometer technology allows FLEXIM to measure Brix, total dissolved solids, Plato, Oechsle and density at a new level of precision and reliability.

Online BRIX meters such as the PIOX R provide faster reaction time to product variation, allowing for more efficient production within ever tighter margins and avoiding waste. This makes FLEXIMS sensor the ideal solution for core applications such as juice blending, alcohol distillation or soft drink mixing. Further the sanitary process refractometer can monitor your supporting processes like glycol concentration in the cooling circuit and the concentration of cleaning agents.


  • sanitary design
  • full measurement range 0-100 Brix or Refractive Index (nD) 1.3200 – 1.7200
  • suitable CIP and SIP processes
  • emerged temperature sensor for fastest process temperature measurement and compensation
  • installation via VariVent or Tri-Clamp process connections
  • pipe and tank mounting possible
  • sapphire prism for scratch and temperature resistance
  • Ready for Advanced Meter Verification


Technical Facts

Measuring quantities
°BRIX, Refractive index,
concentration g/l, mass and vol.%,
additional quantities programmable
Measurement range
nD: 1.3 ...1.7, °Brix: 0 ...100
Measurement accuracy
0.1 °Brix (nD: 0.0002)
0.01 °Brix (nD: 0.00002)
Diagnostic values
Fluid temperature, sensor humidity, signal quality
Media temperature
-20 °C ... +150 °C
Fluid pressure
PN 10
Degree of protection
Sensor R500: IP67, ATEX (IECEx) zone 0,/1
Transmitter R721: aluminium or stainless steel enclosure, IP66, ATEX (IECEx) zone 2
Wetted parts, materials
Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404)
Housing Material
Stainless Steel 304 (1.4301)
Process connection
Compatible to Varivent or Tri-clamp connection
Advanced Meter Verification (AMV)