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The Perfect Offshore Gas Flow Meter

The FLUXUS G801 is an ultrasonic gas flow meter for permanent installation in rough and hazardous Offshore and Marine environments.

The especially robust and compact design of the G801 gas flow meter makes it completely seawater and salt-spray-resistant and therefore ideal for applications on Oil & Gas production platforms or other marine environments where corrosion resistant metering is required.

The G801 gas flow meter is enclosed in a Stainless Steel (#316) housing and can be programmed and operated by a magnet pen without opening the housing, thus allowing operators to configure and make parameter changes during normal operations without compromising operational safety.  The Fluxus G801 gas flow meter is certified for use in potentially explosive areas ATEX/IECEx Zone 1.

Meter calibration data is automatically uploaded by connecting the transducer to the transmitter, reducing set-up times and providing precise, long-term stable measurement results. FLEXIM’s dust and humidity-resistant hazardous location-rated transducers are available for a wide range of inner pipe diameters 6mm …2100mm, fluid temperatures -40°C up to 100°C.

The FLUXUS G801 gas flow meter allows for bi-directional gas flow measurement of operational (gross) and standard (net) volume flows. As the transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe wall, enclosed in the rugged stainless steel mounting fixture, the system does not suffer from wear and tear or clogging, cannot be a risk for leaks and will not cause any pressure drops inside the pipe.

Measurement of gas flows with the FLUXUS G801 non-intrusive meter is easy, convenient, fast, accurate and reliable.  Due its clamp on nature, the meter is never in contact with the flowing media and therefore is completely unaffected by fluid composition, temperature, or pressure, making it the perfect solution for applications such as gas balancing, natural gas mass flow measurement, allocation metering, gas lift and gas injection metering, gas export lines, etc.

Additional appropriate applications for the FLUXUS G801 are in the petrochemical sector where abrasive media is present that requires Stainless Steel enclosures.


  • Seawater resistant and corrosion proof: Stainless Steel (SS316) field enclosure and transducer housings with rugged mounting fixtures and steel armored cables
  • Non-intrusive clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement: no need to cut or weld the pipe
  • Cost Effective:  Retrofitted solution that does not require process shutdown for installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance Free: Permanent coupling and optimal device protection
  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 approved: flow meter for hazardous areas
  • Exact and reliable bi-directional measurement: measures volume flows of gases over a wide turndown ratio
  • Lamb and Shear Wave Transducers: for measurement gas flows independent of wall thickness and pressure
  • Drift Free: Zero-point stable drift free measurement.  Matched transducers with temperature compensation (ANSI/ASME compliant)
  • Sophisticated diagnostic tools: for optimal set-up and troubleshooting of the measurement system


Industry Applications

Technical Facts

Measurement uncertainty at the measuring point (volumetric flow rate)
±1…2 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
Measurement uncertainty of the measuring system (volumetric flow rate)
±0,3 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
0.15 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
Flow velocity range
0.01...35 m/s, depending on pipe diameter
Ex zone transmitter
Power supply
100-230VAC, 24DC
Available transducers
Shear wave/Lamb wave
for Ex zones
for pipe sizes range
7mm ... 1600mm
for temperature range
-40°C ... +240°C
4-20mA active/passive
4-20mA HART active/passive
4-20mA passive intrinsic safety
Digital communication
Modbus RTU
Additional Information
For more detailed Information please download the Technical Specifications