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Operators are always looking for ways to better protect the local environment and reduce their footprint on the local area’s water supply.  One way they are doing this is by safely hauling away the Frac fluid from a site to be recycled for reuse on future well’s creation.

The costs associated with hauling Flowback liquids away is high. Each region’s roadways, have different weight limits. Every truck leaving a site needs to know exactly how much weight it is carrying. To do this each truck is required to not only know how many gallons / liters they have loaded but they also need to know how much it weighs. The density of the fluid will vary from site to site, therefore it is critical to all truck operators to be able to measure the density of every load during the loading operation.

FLEXIM's ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter FLUXUS not only measures volumetric flow rates, but is also capable - as product configuration PIOX S - to measure the brine's concentration levels. By combining flow and concentration / density data in the flow computer, the mass (flow rate) is calculated.
The meters Modbus feature also allows for the data to be sent in realtime to the trucking company’s monitoring station.


  • Non-Intrusive flow measurement, corrosion worry free
  • Measures both flow and concentration for mass flow calculation
  • 1 portable meter can be used on multiple trucks
  • No maintenance and recalibration needed