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The pre- and post-mixing of the Fracturing fluid elements is a critical operation in the well creation process. 0.5% - 1.5% of a variety of chemicals is mixed with water and proponent to create the Fracing fluid going down hole.

Typically, the measuring of the chemical pre mix and post mix (after shaker step) is performed with an insertion meter. Unfortunately this meter needs to be replaced at least once a month due to the corrosion the chemicals have on it.

FLEXIM's ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter’s accuracy of <1% is the ideal choice as it monitors the chemical liquids flow from outside of the pipe. Operators never have to worry about corrosion of FLEXIM’s transducers, nor requiring monthly replacements of flow metering equipment. The return of invest for 1 meter is 3 months!


  • Non-Intrusive flow measurement,  corrosion worry free
  • One meter can be used to monitor both water and chemicals during mix
  • No maintenance and recalibration needed
  • Zero flow stability - zero drift