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FLEXIM's HPI flow meter proves to be the solution of choice for professional hydrocarbon pipeline leak detection. The use of these devices for pipeline leak detection prevents costly loss of product in addition to reducing harm to the environment. The unique clamp-on design and use of ultrasonic technology ensure that installing it means no interruptions to operations or other impact on flow through the line.

Besides its non-intrusiveness, the advantages of FLEXIM's HPI flow meter lie in its fast signal generation as well as the rapid digital signal processing and data output of highly accurate measurement values every 10ms.

Together with the associated pressure and temperature data, the flow computer hands out standard flow rates which can be continuously fed into the SCADA system allowing for an adequate pipeline monitoring, and thus informing directly and with a high degree of sensitivity about possible product spills. Our hydrocarbon leak detection systems are designed to prioritize safety for people and the environment, making them crucial components of any pipeline operation. They are also highly adaptable, enabling the systems to fit into a wide range of applications. These can include, but are not limited to, refineries, tank farms, oil terminals and transport liquid pipelines. Our solutions have come to be known throughout the oil and gas industry for their unique, non-intrusive designs, high levels of performance and accuracy.


  • Reliable and fast data generation for leak detection
  • Data source for LUAF Analysis
  • Calculation of standard flow rates according to ASTM and API standards