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Water is an unwanted companion in storage tanks of crude oil and refined products as it causes corrosion and supports the bacterial decomposition of the petroleum product itself.

Tank dewatering at outlet pipes is therefore a must and to detect liquid interfaces (between petroleum and water), often conductivity, capacity or measurements by microwave are applied. These solutions face disadvantages as they protrude into the pipe and are thus subject to product build-up leading to frequent servicing and a high degree of unreliability.

By applying FLEXIM's HPI flow meter, the operator obtains a highly sensitive and reliable measurement method. As the transducers are mounted outside the pipe wall, they are not subject to build-up and wear and tear by the medium. By detecting even the slightest changes in the Sonic ID (ultrasonic velocity), which corresponds to a liquid interface, the HPI meter can safely and rapidly trigger valves and vents, avoiding product losses and saving money.


  • No maintenance and recalibration needed - no drift
  • Highly sensitive and reliable in detecting liquid interfaces
  • No upfront installation requirements