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Product Identification / Interface Detection

Product Identification & Interface Detection of refined oil products in multiproduct pipelines, tank farms, and oil terminal.

Due to their large capital expense, pipelines are often utilized for the transfer of multiple products to tank farms and oil terminals. During operation of these multi-product pipelines, the interface between two adjacent products smears (referred to as interface mixing), resulting in the contamination of each product. This interface content is typically sent to slops collection for reprocessing or disposal at additional cost to the operator. Therefore, the economics of a pipeline can often be improved through product interface management with the goal of minimizing of interface mixing. Here, FLEXIM’s hydrocarbon meter FLUXUS H721 realizes its full analytical potential. In fact, it can literally hear what actually flows in the pipe. Hydrocarbon crudes and products can be clearly distinguished by their respective sound speeds. A rapid change in measured sound speed indicates the passage of a product interface. The meter instantly recognizes the change, identifies the flowing media, and displays its name and API grade.

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