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At a refinery in Washington, USA, FLEXIM was asked to install a non-intrusive ultrasonic gas flow meter for measuring the main fuel gas header.
The necessity to have a flow measuring point at this particular pipe was given due to the EPA greenhouse gas reporting standards.

The motivation to choose FLEXIM as a supplier was also given due the fact, that the installation of an inline flow meter would have caused to cut open the pipe. As the particular pipe is the main fuel gas header to the refinery, such a cutting would have caused a complete refinery shut-down.

The installation took place at a 16 inch (outer diameter) carbon steel pipe with 0.375 inches of wall thickness. The gas flowing inside is methane with some parts of hydrogen and is operated at a considerably low pressure of around 4 bar / 60 psi.

By mounting FLEXIM's robust mounting fixtures together with the FLUXUS gas flow meter, the refinery is now able to fulfill the EPA greenhouse gas reporting standards and prevented a costly refinery shutdown.

The refinery engineers are that satisfied with FLEXIM's flow metering solution, that they are now also using the FLUXUS portable clamp-on gas flow meter for temporary measurements and are looking for more permanent measuring points.


  • No process shutdown for installation - virtually maintenance free measurement
  • Accurate and reliable gas flow measurement - even at low pressurized lines
  • Independent of pipe size, material, roughness and wall thickness