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Fracturing fluid elements of chemicals, sand and water are common in the return of Gas and Oil wells. Separating out the unwanted elements from the Gas and Oil is a crucial 1st step prior to the refining process.

The process of using two insertion meters - one for the gas or oil, and a 2nd meter for the brine fluid, require wells to be turned downed 2-3 times per year for maintenance and or replacement of those meters resulting in a major loss of revenue of the production well(s).

As the FLUXUS flow meter is simply clamped-on to the pipe wall from the outside, there is no process interruption required for installation. With little to no maintenance required, zero revenue is lost due to meter maintenance.


  • Non-Intrusive flow measurement, no installation requirments
  • No maintenance and recalibration needed
  • Zero flow stability - zero drift