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High Temperature Refinery Applications

Using patented technology, the WaveInjector mounting system thermally separates the clamp on ultrasonic transducers from  hot  pipes, allowing permanent flow measurements at extreme pipe wall temperatures up to 1,100 °F. Traditionally, Orifice / DP meters, Coriolis meters and Vortex meters are used to measure hot hydrocarbon or chemical media in refineries and petrochemical plants, but it is well known that frequent maintenance is needed to ensure they perform accurately and remain clog-free. They can cause operational hazards and leaks if not serviced properly. The WaveInjector, along with ultrasonic transducers, is a no brainer for the downstream sector.   The WaveInjector is Installed onto the outer surface of the pipe, using coupling plates for proper acoustic contact. This means, that there is no need to open the pipe - no drilling, and no process shut-down. Once installed, the transducers do not suffer from the wear and tear of the process fluid and do not cause any pressure drop, providing plant operators with the competitive edge – in process control, process management, and environmental protection.

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