New FLUXUS F721XLF - Non-intrusive measurement of liquid low flows


With FLUXUS F721 XLF, FLEXIM presents a non-intrusive flowmeter for applications where every drop counts. The new ultrasonic flow measuring system is designed to provide precise measurement of flow rates as low as 3 l/h and below in small pipes with diameters from 10 mm to 50 mm. As the clamp-on transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe, meter installation and commissioning without any pipe work modifications and therefore causing no interruption to the process. Furthermore, the external flow measurement works independent of pipe wall thickness and pressure ranges and does not cause pressure loss. As the measuring device does not come in direct contact with the flowing media, it is not subject to wear and tear. Drifting readings and high maintenance efforts are therefore a thing of the past. This results in lower operational costs over the entire life cycle and increased operational and environmental safety because any risk of leakage is ruled out.

The high accuracy and reproducibility of the FLUXUS F721 XLF even at the lowest flow rates is achieved by carefully matched and temperature-compensated transducers (acc. to ANSI/ASME MFC 5.1-2011), highly sensitive electronics and intelligent signal processing as well as a highly precise and traceable wet flow calibration (acc. to NIST standards) at FLEXIM’s low flow calibration facility.

The measuring transmitter is available both in aluminium and stainless-steel housing and is certified for use in zone 2 hazardous areas. Explosion-proof transducers for use in ATEX-zone 1 are available as well as transducers for continuous operation submerged under water (IP68).

Typical applications of FLUXUS F721 XLF are e.g. chemical injection of scale and corrosion inhibitors in Oil & Gas, chemical dosing in wastewater treatment, measurement of low flow spray paint lines in automotive industry, and many more in other branches of industry.