FLEXIM’s Response to COVID-19


The current outbreak of COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected every aspect of the world. As a company that helps the heartbeat of operations function optimally on a global level, we are striving to ensure the critical needs of our customers are met, while first and foremost ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

We are taking every precaution to provide a healthy work environment while continuing to produce and ship to customers.

Currently, most FLEXIM employees are fully equipped to work from home. The sales and service team are available to support you as usual. Please look out for notifications of webinars as well, which are being performed more frequently during these times. You may also ask sales and technical questions by using the chat box on our website, flexim.com. All brochures and technical documents can be found at this location as well.

The FLEXIM Production Team, our inhouse heroes, is still producing and reporting to the office. Measures have been implemented in the production process to widen the distance between the individual workplaces and the team is now operating in different shifts. Food facilities have been closed, and protective masks have been issued to wear for those working in the office and for their commute. An additional health check of office employees is performed each morning. Due to these measures, we are still able to safely and effectively manufacture and deliver.

In addition, FLEXIM has limited travel to essential trips only. We have postponed all large meetings and events, including our 30th Anniversary celebration.

We have shifted our focus into two directions – quick and adaptable actions in response to the rapid and vital needs of the current situation and planning for the environment after this pandemic.

We at FLEXIM stand together as a company to help our employees and our customers navigate these challenging times.

Stay healthy, take care and we´re at your disposal; in sales & service as well as in production & operations.