FLEXIM is proud to announce that our FLUXUS ST flowmeter is the winner of the Flow Control’s 2020 Innovation Award! One winner is chosen each year for its technological breakthrough in process instrumentation by a voting process.

Flow Controls’ Winner: FLUXUS ST

The FLUXUS ST series is a clamp-on flowmeter for steam. The dynamic range starts at 1 cm/s up to 60 m/s flow velocity. Installation is easy with no process shutdown and no wear and tear to the measurement. Also, there is no pressure loss and no insertions into the pipe, meaning no obstacles to the flow of steam. No pressure loss means less energy consumption for the steam boiler and less condensation at the measurement. It is possible to make short-term measurements for testing, evaluation and verification in live steam systems. The portable FLUXUS G601 ST is a multifunctional, battery-powered flow energy meter. The FLUXUS G721 ST is a fixed installed steam flowmeter.

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In addition to our Flow Control article, we have also been recognized by the International District Energy Association! Please read FLEXIM’s recognition on their website blog.

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