January 16, 2023









Non-invasive flow and temperature measurement without shaft construction

With the innovative FLUXUS F532WD, FLEXIM introduces a flowmeter specifically designed for applications in water management. The compact measuring system is able to record flow rates non-invasively with clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe, making it possible to set up flow measuring points in the existing drinking water network easily and cost-effectively.

Because the installation does not require any opening of the pipe, there is no supply interruption whatsoever. Ultrasonic transducers with IP68 protection rating, indestructible stainless steel mounting rails and durable permanent coupling pads allow the flow measuring points to be installed in the ground without the need for a time-consuming and costly shaft structure.

The acoustic flowmeters do not have a lower response threshold, meaning that even the lowest flow velocities of 0.01 m/s (0.03 ft/s) are reliably detected. The drift-free and maintenance-free flowmeters offer excellent measurement repeatability and are therefore ideal for monitoring district metered areas (DMAs) and detecting leaks.

Reassuringly accurate temperature monitoring

Simultaneously to the flow measurement, the FLUXUS F532WD ultrasonic system offers the additional benefit of being able to accurately determine the temperature in the pipe. Temperature determination is based on the measurement of the speed of sound and is also carried out non-invasively with the same ultrasonic transducers as used for flow measurement. This offers water suppliers the opportunity to monitor the increasing risk of bacterial contamination associated with higher temperatures without any extra effort or cost.

In addition, the new FLUXUS F532WD is equipped with interfaces for bidirectional digital communication, making it easy to implement solutions for wireless remote data transmission (e.g. WLAN, LoRaWAN etc.).

And providing the complete package, FLEXIM offers Advanced Meter Verification (AMV) for all its measurement systems. The simple and convenient on-site measuring point validation requires no interruption of the measurement and does not affect normal operation. AMV is intuitive to use and can be easily performed by the user or by the FLEXIM service if required.