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Company Magazine Update 17: Fit for the future

Company Magazine Update 17: Fit for the future


2017 has been an exciting year for FLEXIM. We have succssfully launched new product series and branches opened in India and Australia. Most importantly, we moved into our new company headquarters. The move is done. However, our sleeves are still rolled up. We still have lots to do.


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new company headquarter



As of October 9th, we are moving into our new company headquarter.

FLEXIM sets standards. This does not only apply to our measuring technology. With our new headquarter, we have created a home that we are proud of. The building was awarded for its sustainable hybrid...

FLEXIM’s Fluxus Cryo receives recognition in the 2017 Innovation Awards

FLEXIM’s Fluxus Cryo receives recognition in the 2017 Innovation Awards


The Flow Control Innovation Awards honor commitment to excellence within the fluid handling industry.

This year FLEXIM is proud to announce that we received recognition for the innovation behind our ...

Non-invasive Compressed Air Flow Measurement – FLUXUS CA

Non-invasive Compressed Air Flow Measurement – FLUXUS CA


Measuring compressed air flows precisely in all conditions is the key to improving the energy efficiency of compressed air systems while reducing costs.
Using state-of-the-art technology, the non-invasive FLUXUS CA ultrasonic flowmeter series, provides the best measurement solution....

FLUXUS Cryo enabling non-invasive LNG measurements

Introducing the worlds only non-invasive LNG flow meter for cryogenic fluids: FLUXUS Cryo


FLEXIM is introducing a superior measuring solution for cryogenic fluids down to -190°C: the non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter FLUXUS Cryo.

FLUXUS Cryo provides a solution for all cases where reliable and trouble-free cryogenic flow measurement is required, such as LNG applications at...

Emerson FLEXIM Logos

Emerson and FLEXIM combine flow portfolio to help customers execute more efficient, effective capital projects


BOULDER, COLORADO & BERLIN, GERMANY (October 31, 2016) — Emerson and FLEXIM are collaborating to help process customers optimize their flow process design, flow meter selection and flow meter installation on capital projects to reduce execution risk and...


FLEXIM sponsors ANNA conference


The annual ANNA conference is the ultimate meeting for professionals working in the Ammonium Nitrate (AN) and Nitric Acid (NA) industries. Almost 400 participants are attended to participate at this year's ANNA conference, which will be held on September 18th to September 23rd, in Eindhoven, the...

IFAT 2016 - Positive results for FLEXIM


On Friday, 3 June, after the IFAT 2016 closed its doors, FLEXIM were certain about one thing: The five days spent at the trade fair in Munich were well worth it. About half of the 138,000 visitors at the fair travelled from abroad – a lot of international interest was shown at FLEXIM’s booth....


Non-invasive Flow Measurement with FLUXUS WD


The FLUXUS WD Series non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal solution for metering points in the drinking water network.

Due to the use of its clamp-on technology, the WD Series that does not require any work that affects the integrity of the pipe. This enables a very simple and...


TUV NEL hit 5 year milestone with FLEXIM F601 portable flow meter


The National Engineering Laboratory at East Kilbride has been using an F601 portable flowmeter for the past 5 years on Internal R&D applications as wide ranging as:

  • Investigation of installation effects on clamp-on USMs (Ref: NEL Reports 2011/205, 2011/203)
  • ...
Experience Using FLEXIM’s F601 at NEL