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The principal application of solvent extraction in the copper beneficiation process is the selective separation of copper ions with the use of an organic solution.

Measuring the flow rate of the organic solution is crucial in the process and can be challenging, as the selection of hydrocarbons include solvents such as benzene, kerosene and chloroform.
Commonly used differential pressure meters on these applications face several disadvantages including:

  • Frequent blockage of the differential pressure impulse lines by coagulation and the presence of solids in the fluid
  • Problematic maintenance activities due to the difficulty of dealing with hazardous and toxic mediums, especially in frequent process shut-down scenarios
  • Pressure losses due to orifice plate failures

FLEXIM's non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement technology has proven to be the most suitable metering system for this type of application.
As the FLUXUS flow meter is attached to the outside of the pipe wall there is no direct contact of the flowmeter sensors with the medium. Hence there is no need for a process shut-down for the installation of a flowmeter. The system is not subject to any corrosion and/or abrasion by the medium, making the units virtually maintenance-free, highly durable and subsequently cost-effective.


  • No process shut downs for installation. Virtually maintenance-free and highly cost-effective
  • Highly reliable and accurate measurement from outside the pipe-wall
  • No need to remove pre-existing metering equipment
  • No pressure losses, no measurement drift or meter failure
  • No risk of leaks in the system as the metering system is mounted on the outside pipe-wall