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With having a multitude of various flow meter types at different measurement points installed at a vessel, these must at least periodically be checked.
Besides check metering of existing meters it is crucial to regularly check safety critical systems onboard, such as the fire extinguishing system.

FLEXIM’s portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are the ideal choice for such temporary measurements. The systems are available for liquid, gas and thermal energy measurement and can even be employed in hazardous areas (up to ATEX Zone 2).

With two measurement channels, the meters ensure an accurate and reliable measurement even at measurement points with short inlet and outlet conditions and a disturbed flow profiles. The two measurement channels also enable the parallel metering at two pipes or differential measurement, e.g. at engine fuel lines, heat exchangers or refrigeration plants (thermal energy monitoring).

Pipe temperatures up to 200 °C are no issue for the meter and with its intuitive user interface the measurement can be set-up in just a few minutes.

As for all FLEXIM meters, there is no direct contact to the medium inside the pipe, which means that there are no installation prerequisites and the meter is completely independent of pipe dimensions, material, medium and internal pressurization.


  • Portable measurement system for virtually all flowing media on-board (any liquid media, gases, thermal energy flow rates)
  • Enables accurate and reliable measurements at even the most confined spaces
  • Easy measurement set-up within a few minutes
  • Internal data logger for long-term monitoring or temporary replacement of permanent metering systems
  • Proven measurement system for check metering of fire extinguishing systems