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Seawater Flow Meters That Drive Efficiency

Reverse osmosis is a standard process used on-board many vessels to produce fresh water from sea water. By applying pressures of 40 to 70 bar, seawater is pushed through a semi permeable membrane, preventing the passage of solutes such as salts as well as other impurities. The produced fresh water is further treated to make it drinkable and useful for other purposes.

Flow rate as well as brine concentration monitoring is crucial to run the plant at peak efficiency and determine the optimal point for membrane cleaning.

Conventional wetted RO flow meters, such as electromagnetic-inductive systems, are prone to corrosion through the brine, resulting in potential measurement drift and reduced lifespan. Furthermore, the high internal pressure causes mechanical stress on the device.

FLEXIM’s non-invasive ultrasonic seawater flow meter solutions and concentration meters provide a better and much more cost effective solution.

Mounted on the pipe wall outside, the system does not get in direct contact with the medium. Thus there is no need for any pipe modifications, cutting or welding. Being non-intrusive, the system also does not add any pressure losses.

These reverse osmosis flow meters are easily installed during running process. They are also maintenance free and offer an unrivalled lifetime. With its matched and factory calibrated transducers, this water flow meter for reverse osmosis systems is highly zero point stable and even measures the lowest flow rates accurately and reliably.

By making use of the concentration measurement feature, the PIOX S system measures the flow rate as well as the concentration of the brine solution in real time. When installed after the sea water cleaning stage, PIOX S acts as an online monitoring tool to signal the optimal point for membrane cleaning.


  • Enabling demand oriented membrane cleaning intervals, reducing operational costs of the RO plant with one non-invasive device: Combined flow and concentration measurement
  • Easy and cost effective installation without any pipe modifications – ideal retrofit solution
  • Rugged and highly durable, completely maintenance free ensuring a long lifespan
  • Does not cause any pressure losses inside the pipe
  • Independent of pipe dimensions, material and wall thickness