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Reducing energy consumption and energy costs is of huge interest for all industries. Energy Efficiency and making sure that every kWh of energy is efficiently used has never been more important than it is today, whether it be to meet energy regulations and standards or to improve the company´s carbon footprint and bottom line.

Energy Management Systems like ISO 50001 or EMAS are the most powerful organizational tools to achieve efficiency goals. But introducing and maintaining an energy management system can be challenging when it comes to obtaining the required accurate energy consumption data.

The first step in achieving efficiency is measuring

To improve efficiency, one must first determine the current situation. This means, installing measurement points to gain knowledge about energy flows from the boilers, chillers and air handlers that service the system’s consumers.

This can become a huge and even overwhelming task, considering the multiple types of energy flows in heating and cooling systems, compressed air lines, steam supply or high temperature heat transfer oils. When considering a metering system, each  of these has its own characteristics and requirements.

One for all – the transit time measuring principle

FLEXIM can provide the perfect solution for all these tasks – the ultrasonic, non-invasive transit time principle. As this measuring principle applies to liquids, gases, and steam, and can handle temperatures from -40°F up to 465°F and even higher, it is literally a one-for-all solution.

FLUXUS meters cover volume, mass and standard Volume Flow for liquids, gases, and saturated steam. In addition, the integrated energy calculator easily provides thermal energy flow rates for heating and cooling applications, even for refrigeration systems.

This means: One manufacturer - one kind of meter – all applications.

Transferring the measurement data to the energy management system is simple, since FLEXIM’s powerful transmitter uses temperature and pressure inputs for online compensations and delivers data using up-to-date data interfaces like BACnet and Modbus and more.

Make it flexible and economic – portable flow- and energy meters

Obtaining 100% coverage of every energy flow within a company can often require an unreasonably large number of meters. But there is a comfortable solution to get as close as possible to 100%– portable and temporary measurement.

Even the ISO 50001 regulation states, that temporary measurements are suitable to generate data and thus energy performance index (EnPI).

With its portable meter series, the FLUXUS F/G 601, FLEXIM provides a powerful tool for energy managers. The FLUXUS G601 CA, capable of measuring compressed air, liquid flows, and energy flows, is multipurpose tool designed for these special tasks. And with the FLUXUS G601 ST, even portable steam measurements are included. No matter what the application, this one transmitter can do the job.
The internal data logger stores all performed measurements.  Then FLEXIM’s comprehensive software FluxDiag extracts, displays and analyses the data with a few mouse clicks.

As most energy management software can import external data, the integration into the company’s energy management system is easily being done using Excel(TM,R) or .csv format file.

Flexible and non-invasive Energy Management


  • one measuring principle for all fluid energy flows
  • all liquid media from ultra-pure water, water-glycol to heat transfer oils
  • gases such as compressed air, technical gases, and gaseous refrigerants
  • saturated steam and purified steam up 180°C
  • non-invasive – easy to install without process interruption
  • no wear and tear – reliable, long term stable values
  • traceable calibration for transmitters and transducers – highest accuracy