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FLEXIM Cares is a division of FLEXIM dedicated towards giving back to our community and planet. At the core of FLEXIM’s values, vision, products, and services lies the intent to help. Help our customers manage resources, help eliminate wasted natural resources, help companies save time and money, and help our community prosper. Now, we have made a commitment to help and further protect our environment with our FLEXIM Cares division.

Every FLEXIM PermaLok and Variofix C mounting device purchased will help make the world a better place! A percentage of all proceeds from these devices will be donated to protecting the environment.

This year we are excited to announce FLEXIM donated 10,000 Euro to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Germany).

This donation will help fund the crucial project of preserving and fostering undeveloped and unused land in northeast Germany. This is necessary to prevent a loss of forestry resulting from extensive agricultural use or construction in these special areas over time. These areas have been secured to help the development of the natural wilderness as well as the rare and endangered species that have come to call the space home. Wolf, elk, sea eagles, goat milkers and deer beetles are some of the many animals that now roam this wilderness area spanning 13,600 hectares and 33,606 acres wide. The goal of this project is to preserve, protect, and grow this flourishing fauna.