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Flow and Thermal Energy Measurement at Refrigeration Plants

Flow and Thermal Energy Measurement at Refrigeration Plants

Refrigeration plants on merchant vessels play a vital part in carrying refrigerated cargo, such as perishable food, chemicals, liquefied gas and more.
Flow as well as thermal energy measurement of the individual heat transfer medium is crucial for system balancing as well as efficiency determination of the plant.

In comparison to any wetted measurement system, FLEXIM’s clamp-on ultrasonic measuring systems are the better choice:

Mounted outside the pipe wall, the meter does not get in contact with the medium – this is especially helpful when measuring toxic heat transfer media such as ammonia. Furthermore, installation does not require any pipe modifications or process shut down nor does it pose any potential for leaks.

Being equipped with non-invasive temperature probes, the system also measures the thermal energy supplied when being mounted at the supply and return lines (e.g. compressor and receiver).

As the non-invasive ultrasonic transducers and temperature probes are carefully matched and factory calibrated they are highly accurate and reliable – by also being mounted at pipe wall with permanent coupling pads, the meter delivers long term stable results without any maintenance requirements.


  • Accurate and reliable flow and thermal energy measurement of any heat transfer medium
  • Mounted outside the pipe wall with no direct media contact, thus being maintenance free and easy to install without any pipe modifications
  • Increased operational safety with no risk for potential leaks
  • Independent of pipe dimensions, material and wall thickness, offering unrivalled long-term stability and lifespan

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