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Flow Measurement of Activated Sludge Quantitative Flow Analysis in a Rural Waste Water System Check Metering of Permanently Installed Flow Meters in Sewage Treatment Plants Flow Measurement at Pipes Leading to Combined Sewers Non-invasive flow measurement in sewage pumping stations

Wastewater Treatment

The ideal flow metering solution for wastewater collection, treatment and reuse

With the constant expansion of sewage treatment plants and more stringent requirements for advanced wastewater treatment, operators are in search of reliable ways to retrofit their piping systems. Non-invasive flow measurement with FLUXUS ultrasonic flow meters has proven to be a very good and cost effective alternative to all other technologies used for wastewater flow applications.


FLUXUS WD Series - The solution for water suppliers

PDF | 1.4MB

FLUXUS WD – Significant cost and time saving with buried transducer installations

PDF | 1.4MB

FLUXUS WD / FLUXUS WS - Monitoring flow in Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP)

PDF | 1.4MB

FLUXUS WD - Precise monitoring of district metered areas (DMAs)

PDF | 1.4MB

FLUXUS WD – The efficient flow monitoring solution

PDF | 1.4MB

FLUXUS F401 - Dedicated Portable Water Meter

PDF | 1.4MB