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Assure yourself of the advantages and superior performance of our non-invasive metering technology with a non-committal demonstration at your site. There are no prerequisites and the demonstration with one of our portable solutions will only take a few minutes of your time.

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Monitoring flow in Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP)

Monitoring flow in Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP)

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, sometimes referred to as Bonna pipes, are composed of several layers of different material. The core material of these pipes is concrete, followed by a steel cylinder. The next layer consists of prestressed steel wires that create a consistent compressive pressure. These wires are embedded in a mortar coating that represents the outer material of the pipe. The complex structure and multi-material buildup of PCCP is a challenge for any flow measurement technology.

But with the help of extremely powerful clamp-on transducers and sophisticated evaluation algorithms, FLEXIM's advanced ultrasonic flow meters master this challenge, delivering accurate and drift-free flow measurement data even on the largest Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes.
The non-intrusive technology of FLEXIM is a great advantage for the operator, as there are no negative effects on the integrity of the pipe when installing the flow meter. Other technologies, such as insertion flow meters, require holes to be created in the pipe. This process can damage the structural stability of the pipe, especially if one of the prestressed steel wires is severed in the process.

FLEXIM offers two product series, the FLUXUS WD for clean water and the FLUXUS WS for sewage water. For installation of the meter no work on the pipe itself has to be done - it even doesn't need to be completely excavated. The ultrasonic transducers of the FLUXUS meter are installed permanenty on the pipe, residing in robust stainless steel mounting fixtures and are further sealed by bitumen layers, caring for a highly durable and long term stable metering solution that is buried in the ground.


  • No invasive pipe work or supply interruption for installation
  • Extremely powerful transducers for precise and reliable measurements at PCCP
  • Suitable for potable water and sewage with higher gas or solid contents

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