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Flow Measurement of Well Flowback Fluids

Flow Measurement of Well Flowback Fluids

The fracturing fluid that comes back from the downhole contains a mixture of chemicals, water, sand, salt, gas and oil.

EPA regulations require operators to capture and monitor as much of the flow back liquids as possible to protect the environment.  After the shaker process (removing as much of the solid proponent) the collectio of  the liquids to be hauled off for separation is required.

Just like the premixing stage, measuring the flow back fluids requires a non-invasive meter, as wetted measuring systems face a high degree of wear and tear through the abrasive and corrosive media inside the pipe. 

FLEXIM ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are the ideal fit for this tasks. The same meters that are used on the pre-mix stage can now be used to measure even the toughest flow back that comes up from the well.


  • Non-Intrusive flow measurement, corrosion and abrasion worry free
  • No maintenance and recalibration needed
  • Zero flow stability - zero drift for accurate measuring each and every time

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