Hot & Chilled Water Flow Meters For HVAC Systems

FLEXIM non-invasive flow measurement - state of the art technology

With more than 30 years of ultrasonic clamp-on experience, FLEXIM sets standards for flow measurement within HVAC systems. Outstanding performance and great accuracy make the transit-time measuring principle the technology of choice for many applications in several industries.

These easy to retrofit and reliable thermal energy flow measurement devices, FLEXIM flow meters for chilled water and hot water are a perfect choice for today’s Energy Management, Sub Metering and Monitoring measuring tasks. Hot water and chilled water flow meters serve an important function in maintaining an efficient system. By providing accurate measurements of the flow of water through the system, operators can avoid letting it run when it doesn’t need to. This lowers operating costs and saves energy compared to HVAC systems that don’t feature this type of measurement.

Integrated thermal energy flow calculation

The FLUXUS TE series of flow meters for hot water and chilled water have integrated energy calculators, no external device is needed. They are suitable for heating and cooling applications and for all typical and exotic energy transfer media.

The low flow expert

FLEXIM transit time measuring principle detects flow velocities as low as 0.03 f/s. No BTU of energy goes undetected and selecting the proper transducer size for the application has never been easier.

Thermal Submetering

District Heating Networks


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